V. C. Misra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)


Palm Prints:

According to Mr. H R Hardless,
“The lines of the palms of the human hand and the soles of the feet, which form the basis of individual identification, are the papillary ridges that serve the office of raising the mouths of the ducts, so as to facilitate the discharge of sweat, and perhaps perform the additional function of aiding the sense of touch and giving elasticity to the skin of the hand; and, having a vacuumistic tendency, they assit in preventing against slipping.”
Taking Palm Prints :

At first take a cylindrical object generally found in Kitchen and fix a foolscape paper thereon by two rubber-hands. Take rubber roller and ink the palm surface evenly taking care to see that the entire area is evenly inked. Now roll the palm on the cylindrical object in either of two directions, from the wrist to the fingers or from the fingers towards the wrist. It is necessary that the entire palm surface should be inked first evenly and care should be taken to be avoid using too much pressure, as this may cause distortion.