V. C. Misra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)


"How to choose a competent Questioned Document Expert?":




Q.) How to choose a competent Questioned Document Expert?


Ans.) Dear friends, before opting for a Questioned Document Expert, just take into consideration the following points:

 a)    Questioned Document Examination is not taught in detail (with actual field training) in most of the Forensic Science Degree courses because it is in itself a vast ocean. Because of the variable factor in handwritings, it is a unique & separate discipline when compared with the other branches of Forensic Science.

b)    Whether a Q.D. Expert has a long experience of actual Court appeared witness?

c)    Whether an Expert has gained real practical training under some renowned Expert or not? If yes, what’s the proof?

d)    Whether the Expert is ready for face-to-face interaction with the Lawyers & Clients?

 e)    Infact, there is a difference in “Copied & False show of knowledge” AND “The Real KNOWLEDGE”. BEWARE OF THIS!!

 f)     You should confirm and see the real summons, real written assignment letters by the clients and number of years of experience so that in the Hon’ble Court, Expert can stand firm.


NOTE: A long preliminary enquiry about all the above points must be made before falling into the trickery of FAKE EXPERTS!!