V. C. Misra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)



White collar crime is increasing through forged signatures in Metro Cities. The forger takes loans in the name of others and withdraws money from the accounts of others. These forgers send threatening letters, make forged will and property documents and it is very difficult to catch them. People have no awareness about their signatures.

According to Forensic Experts, it is very essential to take precaution while signing any important documents. Fountain pen is more reliable than Ball point pen. If a reverse carbon can be kept below the document while signing, forgery can be controlled in most of the cases. Mr. V C Misra, in a press conference has expressed his thoughts regarding crime through forgery. Mr. V C Misra is a Forensic Science Expert (Handwriting & Fingerprint), who delivers Guest Lecture at Delhi University, Air Force Police Unit, etc and works as a free-lance consultant for Courts. He said, that financial crime is increasing through Forged Signatures, denial of signatures and disguised signatures.

Sri Misra also produced some examples of genuine and forged signatures and explained some tips. He also suggested about putting date and address below the signature, to make the forgerís task difficult.



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