V. C. Misra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)


Handwriting and Bank - Insurance Frauds:

In Banks and Insurance Company's fraud cases, every signature may not be found forged but in most of the cases, the account/policy holder makes his signatures in a deliberate disguising efforts with the aim to deny in future. Here, the signature is undoubtedly disputed but certainly, it is not a forgery so, in such problems of disguised (deliberately changed) or disowned signatures, the actual competence of Expert is required, when expert probes into the brain of the disguiser and looks for common similarities with the specimen. The principle being, A person cannot disguise all the features and somewhere he leaves his own habits, which help the experts.

In some cases of big scams, there are chances that, at the time of opening the fictitious account in the name of some other/strange person in the writing, there can be a mix of adoption of other's habit plus introduction of some disguising writing (A very rare and clever attempt). Here, the aim of perpetrator may be to implicate some other person so that he himself cannot be suspected.

(V C Misra)